The A to Z of Adventure Travel

A – Always pack your passport last, and pack it in a secure but readily accessible place.

B – Bottled water is a must – don’t drink anything else.

C – Cookbooks from your travels are always a great souvenir. Cook a dish from one when you have friends over to see your video and pictures.

D – Digital cameras save the day; they’re small and you never run out of film.

E – Expect excitement; go with anticipation, not trepidation.

F – Food is fun, try something you’ve never eaten before like zebra pate or French wine.

G – Give generous tips, especially in poor countries, you’ll be so glad you did.

H – Hang out with the locals. Get to know a new person on your trip and get a photo with them.

I – Inform someone at home of your itinerary.

J – Journal every day. Can you remember now what you did last week?

K – Kids love it when you have packed little surprises to open along the way.

L – Learn something: Take a pasta making course in Italy, Scuba diving in Argentina or Belly dancing in Baghdad (just kidding)!

N – Note the local artisans and buy something authentic.

O – One substantial souvenir is better than a lot of small things. Then ship it home to lighten your luggage.

P – Postcards will rescue you when your photography fails. You can never have too many.

Q – Questions help you get the most out of all you see and experience.

R – Read before you leave. Read lots of books about your destination. Find out who the local best sellers are, and read one of their books.

S – Scrapbook within the first week of getting home.

T – Travel as light as humanly possible. Dragging luggage is no fun.

U – Unpack as soon as you get home.

V – Vaccinations and certain medications are necessary in some countries – be sure to check with the World Health Organization about what you need.

W – Whining never fixes anything – suck it up and deal with the differences.

X – exchange your currency at the airport or a bank and be sure you understand the value of your money.

Y – You are the one who will make or break your adventure. Plan to be positive.

Z – Zero in on one or two experiences and squeeze the most out of them. Adventure overload will leave you confused.

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