Introducing the kids to the joys of paddling

Paddling with kids is a great way to show them the beauty of the world, whilst also developing important skills and giving them independence.

For me, a fun family holiday should be packed full of activities. When you introduce your kids to exciting activities, it can bring you closer together whilst encouraging them to develop different skills and interests. In addition to this, most adventure activities take place against stunning backdrops which can give you all a much greater appreciation for the beauty of the planet.

Awaken the Explorer Within.

For families looking to explore the great outdoors whilst getting active, kayaking and canoeing could be the perfect child-friendly activity. Travelling the calm and serene waters can be extremely enjoyable and relaxing, yet also immensely rewarding. Paddling with your child in the back hatch will enable them to gaze down into the clear waters below where they will be dazzled with the vibrant life found beneath the surface. This is sure to get them hooked from a young age and awaken an adventurous side in them!

Many parents may have concerns over safety when it comes to taking their children out on a kayak or canoe, which is completely understandable as it is a water based sport. However, paddling is a child-friendly activity and one which is suitable for kids of all ages. In order to ensure that it is a safe, fun and valuable experience for your child, there are a few simple tips when it comes to paddling with little ones.


Top Tips for Fun and Safe Paddling with Kids

As with most activities, and particularly water based ones, safety is paramount. Before setting off on holiday, it is important to teach your kids water safety.

1. On the trip, everybody should be wearing a high quality water jacket at all times.
2. Those under the age of 6 are best placed in the back hatch, whereas older children can either contribute to some of the paddling in a double kayak, or alternatively have their own kids’ kayak once they have developed their paddling skills.
3. It is essential that you choose a safe waterway with calm and windless waters.
4. It is likely that your child will tire quickly, so prepare for short trips and stick to the shoreline until they are ready to head further out.
5. For rest periods, you may want to consider some toys, games or books to keep them entertained and provide them with plenty of snacks and fluids throughout the day.

These tips will help to ensure that your family has an unforgettable trip where you will see all kinds of awe-inspiring wildlife below the surface.

Source:  Richard Edwards/ArticlesFactory

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